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Gifting Ideas

It is difficult shopping for certain people. They either have every thing they need or they can be very picky. Many people have some sort of go-to present that is safe for example a bottle of wine and also liquor. Although, this is only a good gift if you understand what type of beverage this person enjoys. You may not be able to give a bottle of run to a whisky guy or pick out a bottle of red to a girl who prefers a blush. Plus it is even more difficult if the person that is giving the gift fails to understand much about liquor. There are a several wine gifts that a person can give without having to know everything about wine.

Wine Decanters

Wine decanters are containers that could be made of crystal or even glass and are designed to allow the wine to breathe. In order for your wine to breathe it must be exposed to oxygen. This process will improve the taste of the wine in lieu of serving it right out of the bottle. Decanters are made in a vase-shaped design. The top is narrow and opens to a wide bottom that allows the wine to get the maximum amount of air while making it easy to swirl in the vessel.


An aerator is related to a decanter because both items aerate the wine. The aerator is a tad different because it is more like a gadget. Wine is poured into this gadget and it swirls the wine with air. While the aerator is mixing your wine and air together it is also pouring wine into the glass. This product acts as a middle man between the bottle and also the glass to give the wine a better taste. Some aerators can even suck air into that wine.

Wine Cooler

For a more extravagant gift idea, wine caves can be great to store unopened bottles for that special wine lover. Coolers are more expensive than a decanter or aerator but they would be ideal for giving a big gift say for example wedding shower or house warming. This is temperature controlled allowing wine to be stored longer without being concerned about them going bad. They can be found in a variety of sizes to fit any sort of size wine collection. Temperatures may be adjusted to accommodate with regard to either red or white wine. Plus a wine cooler will give you an excuse to buy them a wine the next time you are expected to give a gift.

Wine Bar Gift Card

For an even simpler gift, a gift card can be bought for a wine tasting restaurant.  This will allow the person to taste the wine and purchase the bottle they like the taste of with your gift card.

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