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Inexpensive Wedding Cakes…Ideas Designed To Rival The Expensive Ones

Inexpensive Wedding Cakes Can Look Just As Gorgeous As “High Dollar” Creations

Wedding CakeA lot of brides, and their respective families, want to save money when creating and ordering their wedding cakes. But in doing so, they additionally want to retain an tasteful appearance to their wedding cakes.

All of this is possible if you consider white-on-white designs that should develop interest. Using a few of your wedding flowers will also accentuate your cake’s display. But we’re only getting started…here are a few wedding cake tips which should rev-up your imagination…

Inexpensive Wedding Cakes—Ideas Designed To Rival The High-Priced Ones…While Saving You Money

>>> Top the wedding cake using fresh fruit or flowers. One can accomplish this effect by using light-weight fruits that won’t sink into the cake, like cherries, strawberries, or small gatherings of sugared grapes.

>>> Choose simple designs. You should stay away from intensive basket weaves or lace patterns, and it is possible to cut costs even more by asking your baker/designer to design a smooth surface with stripes of white ribbon tied around each and every tier.

>>> Choose a wedding cake simply for show. Simply put a small appealing cake on display for the ceremonial cutting, and then order extra sheet cakes that are ready in the kitchen area to serve your wedding guests.

>>> Choose a delightful dessert. Instead of serving the traditional wedding cake to your guests, serve cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, or pastries stacked on trays with numerous tiers.

>>> Pull a switch-er-roo. This notion is starting to become fairly common with brides who are wanting to save money. If you would like to have a tall, astounding wedding cake without the cost of ordering one, have your baker/designer produce the bottom tiers out of real cake, and then frost the remaining tiers with iced (non-edible) Styrofoam.

By using this method, you can display a striking appearance of what would appear to be an expensive wedding cake, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive cake.

>>> Decide not to buy the groom’s cake. Although a groom’s cake is a fun tradition, they can be expensive…especially if you order an elaborate theme. It is possible to save some “big bucks” by foregoing this item, and put some money in your purse for other crucial wedding expenses.

>>> Choose just one flavor. This idea is actually fairly basic. Numerous flavors are nice to present to your guests, but you will save money if your baker/designer produces only one type of cake and filling.

>>> Be cautious of the shape you choose for your wedding cake. Here’s an interesting fact you may not be aware of. A square shape can serve 10 to 30 % more guests in contrast to a round cake of the same dimensions. How about that?

>>> Always choose an experienced baker/designer. A beginner may be a well-meaning friend, neighbor, or relative, but it might wind-up costing you more in unsuccessful attempts to provide the wedding cake you have often envisioned. Speak to at least three seasoned baker/creative designers before making your final decision.

>>> Look at using a treasured wedding cake topper. This could be in the form of a family heirloom. Old wedding cake toppers can add a personal touch to the wedding cake…and if it’s within the family, it turns out to be a no cost decoration. If there are no heirlooms in the family, you can also use a variety of beautifully cut flowers as your wedding cake topper.

Constantly remember, inexpensive wedding cakes can and ought to be beautiful! There are various options available to you, so discuss them with the baker/designers you interview. By using a little professional help, you can have a gorgeous (and yet inexpensive) wedding cake for far less than what you might have expected.

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