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How To Choose The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

Wedding RingsDiamonds are usually valued and graded based on the so-called 4 Cs: carat weight, clarity, cut and color. When looking fora diamond engagement ring, it’s essential to find out a bit about them, because the 4 Cs define the price of a diamond wedding band.


The particular cut may also be understood to indicate the shape of the diamond, however the form is only one of the properties of the cut. The cut influences the diamond’s ability to reflect light that will cause it to sparkle such as these valuable gemstones are expected to. The cutting process requires a lot of skill. A cut that is a bit too deep or too shallow creates a gemstone that appears lifeless or too dark. The perfect cut improves the beauty of the diamond and provides it that special glimmer.

Diamonds come in a lot of shapes, though the form impacts the worth less than the dimensions of the cut. Round cut diamonds tend to be used in engagement ring setting, although emerald, marquise and princess cuts are good options for a golden bridal ring.


Diamonds can be found in many different hues, however colorless diamond is regarded as the precious. The different hues include pink coloured, blue, yellowish and brown. The color isn’t always extremely noticeable and might be simply a delicate tint. The highest color grade is D (clear). Occasionally individuals prefer tinted diamonds to the clear types, and a tinted stone can provide a special look to your engagement ring. Naturally shaded diamonds are always worth more than artificially dyed. Top quality natural pink stones are very hard to find and their scarcity makes them very sought after and expensive.


Clarity means the number of faults and blemishes on the surface or inside of the gemstone. The number of blemishes and their location can determine how the clarity of a stone will be rated. Flawless (F) will be the best grade, however , completely flawless stones are uncommon and can be very pricey. IF indicates internally faultless and is a further highly valuable category. A number of diamonds with flaws that will just be spotted by an experienced specialist might be less expensive as opposed to top two grades. The lowest clarity grades consist of gemstones with blemishes which can be apparent even to a naked eye.

Carat weight

Carat indicates the diamond’s weight. A carat is divided into a hundred points. With regard to weight, one carat equates to two hundred mg. Bigger diamonds are always more valuable compared to smaller ones, and one single large stone is usually worth more than a couple small stones collectively, regardless if their total weight is the same as the large diamond’s. However, the grade of the diamond (its clarity, cut and hue) affects the price tag. A lesser carat size in combination with a good cut and clarity can be more valuable than a bigger size with a inferior cut or low clarity.

Knowing about just how diamonds are ranked and scored can help you to get the best diamond engagement ring within your budget range. Your purchase should include the gemstone’s grading records that summarize its features and grades.

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