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Planning a Vegetarian Wedding

Vegetarian Options for Wedding DinnerThe phrase “wedding” as well as the word “traditions” have frequently gone hand in hand. Planning any kind of wedding is thrilling and labor-intensive, so when something “unconventional” is tossed into the mix, it becomes definitely more challenging and that considerably more complicated.

It has become a lot more popular in recent times for wedding couples to veer from the norms and traditions of the past and to create fresh traditions which mirrors their very own way of thinking and living . . . and so, vegetarian weddings have begun to come into their own.

It will probably be simple to find a caterer to accommodate a vegetarian event, however it may necessitate a little more effort to locate one who can suggest a diverse and interesting menu. Vegetarian cuisine has come into its own and there is no reason to have to settle for pasta primavera or stir-fried veggies.

Even though the decision is undertake a completely vegetarian wedding, there are lots of delectable methods to cater the affair as an sophisticated sit-down dinner or as a more casual buffet. In the event the choice is to engage a caterer, there is absolutely no reason not to make it a cooperative effort.

The key is talk, talk, and keep talking. Take a seat with the caterer, make suggestions and quite possibly provide him or her with recipes. Keep in mind that no matter what anyone says, it is unquestionably conceivable to have a scrumptious, innovative vegetarian event.

There are also several options to hiring a caterer to create the menu. Booking a vegetarian restaurant to cater and host the wedding reception is one option. Should the restaurant is one at which the couple has eaten often, they can be relatively sure of the quality of the food.

It’s probably smart to limit the numbers of exotic ethnic dishes in order to accommodate the palates of guests. In the event the restaurant will be catering off-site, it is very important to ensure that they have experience catering for large events outside of the restaurant.

Another possibility is, of course, the do-it-yourself alternative. Even though this may save money, it is really an ambitious, time-consuming and labor-intensive option. If that is the selected choice, the happy couple will start by picking out a menu, gathering recipes, and recruiting helpers to do the cooking and serving.

As the wedding day approaches, the food will have to be purchased and as much of the meals as possible prepared in advance. Eleventh hour cooking assignments will have to be assigned so the couple can enjoy their wedding and be host and hostess to their guests.

Probably the most challenging element of planning a vegan wedding is locating a vegan wedding cake. Unfortunately, many bakers don’t know how to create a cake without eggs, butter, and milk. If the couple just isn’t lucky enough to track down a local baker with vegan baking experience, they can try to look for one willing to use a recipe the couple provides.

Another way of working with the issue is to make use of an egg substitute like flaxseed in a regular cake recipe. Unfortunately, some individuals are allergic to flax. A product called Ener-G egg replacer, can be found in most health food stores. Vegetarian cookbooks can provide recipes for vegan chocolate cake and white cake. Other possibilities include vegan carrot cakes or applesauce cakes, or tofu-based cakes like tofu cheesecakes.

The bit of extra time and effort will certainly pay off in the end. What a beautiful and pleasurable surprise it will be to many of the guests when they find they have experienced and enjoyed a vegetarian wedding!

Below is a sort list of menu suggestions which can be mixed and matched.


barley split pea


anadama bread
anchovy-free Caesar salad bruschetta
garlic bread
pita bread
polenta cakes
potato and rosemary
foccacia bread


antipasto salad
bean/tomato salad
fruit salad
green salad
Japanese pressed
cabbage salad pasta salad
potato salad
Romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, candied almonds and a vinaigrette dressing
spinach salad with walnuts
three-bean salad
white bean salad with sage and arugula

Sides, Hors d’oeuvres, Buffet Foods

artichokes filled with fennel and yellow and red tomatoes
baba ghanouj
black bean spread
finger sandwiches
fluted tomato and basil tarts
fruit trays
grilled Portabello mushroom sandwiches
mushroom and leek empanadas
potatoes (baked, mashed, fried)
rice pilaf
roasted vegetables
sesame noodles
stir-fried Sugar Snap peas with shiitake mushrooms
stuffed grape leaves
stuffed mushrooms


fusili primavera in marinara sauce
garden lasagna
marinated vegetables
morel-stuffed enchiladas
mushrooms with asparagus and a melange of sweet bell peppers and herbs potato pancakes
pasta with creamy or tomato based primavera
penne with marinara
spicy ratatouille served over rice
stuffed cabbage
stuffed peppers
stuffed squash
vegetable stir-fry
vegetable skewers with garlic and rosemary
wild mushroom ragout with fettucine

Desserts and Sweets

baked apples
baked peaches
filo dough layered with honey and pistachio nuts
jams and jellies
plum tarts

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