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Brides Pull A Switch-A-Roo…Wedding Cake Toppers Are Back On Top

Sensational Wedding Cake Toppers Are Back On top

Wedding ToppersAfter falling out of favor with brides in recent years, wedding cake toppers are back on top of today’s wedding cakes.

As such, wedding cake toppers have improved exceptionally in looks and quality over the past few years…and there are now 20 times the manufacturers and individuals making them than in the 1990’s.

As a result of this most recent trend, you will be pleasantly surprised at the big range of style possibilities one can discover.

Once you commence your search for just “the right topper,” you will notice everything from basic couples, gay couples, to themed couples like western wear, military uniforms, and motorcycle riding couples. You may also choose cutesy pigs, cows, ducks, bunnies, and maybe Ma and Pa Kettle couples.

For example, if you wish to standout from other wedding cakes (and not adhere to what other brides are picking) go ahead and order a wedding cake and a topper that expresses your own personality.

In most instances, however, consider a decision on the wedding cake layout first…and then make your choice from the extensive variety of wedding cake toppers that fit your own persona.

But, make sure you discuss wedding cake toppers with the baker/designer and ask his or her belief as to how it is possible to use a wedding cake topper that will “fit-in” to your all round wedding theme.

Keep in mind, anyone can arrange fresh flowers on top of a wedding cake and make it look “beautiful.” But when you choose “unusual” wedding cake toppers that are exhilarating and unique…you will create a memorable “WOW” factor in the eyes of your wedding guests.

For more insights and information, just take a couple of minutes to Google wedding cake toppers. You will find several producers which supply a large array of personalized toppers you can choose from.

Take It A Step Further To Catch-Up With The Most Recent Style Craze…Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram initials, and monogram wedding cake toppers have turned out to be a common choice for today’s bride. Some brides choose just one monogram to represent the couple’s last name, or 3 initials, two for the couple’s first names, and one for their last name.

Simpler fonts are best suited for a 3-letter monogram, so be careful when making your preference of fonts. The “busier” the letters look, the tougher they are to see…and differentiate. Therefore, if you select single letter fonts, they will be easier to see and distinguish.

Also, the size of the top wedding cake tier will influence your decision in deciding on the appropriate topper height.

For example, a 5” topper is usually the suitable height if you select a curly or italicized font. Use a 6” topper if you want to attract attention to your topper. 4” toppers ought to be used for 4” tiers, while 3” miniature toppers are readily available particularly for cupcake towers.

If you decide on custom-themed monogram wedding cake toppers, don’t worry about forming designs. Any form can be made into a unique, monogram cake topper. These styles are eventually designed to enhance crystal coverage and peg placement.

Whichever monogram cake topper you choose, make sure the width of the letters does not go off the edges of your wedding cake.

After your wedding, and for years to come, here are two ways to “showcase” monogram wedding cake toppers

>>> A less complex way to display an 1/8th inch thick crystal topper is to frame it. Simply acquire an 8 X 10 (or larger) frame, and then all you have to do is decide on your choice of a matte.

>>> If the walls of your residence are already covered, or utilizing a “shadowbox” doesn’t fit in with your décor, decorate your Christmas} tree with it. Doing so is an excellent and modern way to celebrate your family tree.

Some brides ask, “Will ordered wedding cake toppers look as good as ones on display?”

If this is a concern of yours, we recommend you buy a wedding cake topper that’s on display. Then you’ll know precisely what you are getting.

If your baker/designer tells you it’s the only display model they have, and you’ll have to order one, always order wedding cake toppers as far in advance as possible.

Why? Your wedding cake topper might take up to 6 weeks before it is delivered. Once it arrives, instantly give it a close inspection.

Give yourself a lengthy “time cushion” just in case there’s a problem and you need to return it. Don’t make the mistake of having your baker/designer order wedding cake toppers at the last minute. Breakage or other troubles take time to replace.

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