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Five Do It Yourself Beach Wedding Favors

People always ask me what favors to use for a beach wedding. Here are some great ideas…

So you’re getting married and you’ve chosen the perfect location – on a sparkling, shimmering, white-sand beach. You’ve fussed over the major things until you’ve gotten them to your satisfaction – the ceremony, your wedding dress, the flowers and even the reception are all set. Now all that’s left ate your wedding favors.

With all of the money that you’ve already spent, you’re probably looking to save some money by making your wedding favors yourself. Don’t worry, homemade doesn’t mean old-fashioned and frumpy. Here are 5 DIY Beachy Wedding Favors that are guaranteed to knock the socks off your guests.


They’re cheap, but they’re also classy. You can purchase candles in your favorite scent, or you can make them by hand. Candle-making kits are widely available in any craft store. In keeping with your beachy theme, you can customize your candles in order to make theme stand out. Hot glue cute little seashells to your candles. You can also use small stones, sea glass, and even sand. To make you candles even cuter, present them with mini beach balls, flip flops, beach umbrellas, or beach hats. Let your imagination run riot. You can even use some of the above objects as candle holders.

Edible Favors

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, why not make your own edible favors? Take out your favorite cookie recipe and buy some seashell-shaped cookie cutters. Voila, instant beachy wedding favors. Just make sure to pass on the chocolate chips and anything else that might melt under the hot sun. Aside from seashells, you cab also bake cookies shaped like palm trees, dolphins, or seahorses. Present them in a pretty beach bag or box and add a few slivers of beach grass for that breezy authenticity.

Aside from edible cookies, you can make your own candy sea glass or starfish. Simply melt candy down and then pour it into your chosen mold. Gently take your candies out of the mold, put it into a tray, and pop it into the refrigerator to cool. If you’ve made starfish, crumble some graham crackers to make sand.

Message in a Bottle

Put a creative twist on an old seawreck staple by putting a sweet message inside a bottle. This can be a simple note of thanks, or you and your hubby’s fave poem or song. Make sure that you have enough empty bottles for your wedding favors. If you, your friends and your family don’t drink a lot of wine, ask around at restaurants, grocery stores, and even recycling centers if they have any bottles to give away or that you can buy. You can put your photograph on the bottle and even add some beachy ornaments, like cute mini-sunglasses.

Beach Tote

Assemble cute beach-inspired favors – mini towels, cocktail umbrellas, even tiny mermaids, and pack them all inside a tiny beach tote. Include a nice note thanking your guests for coming to your wedding. You can personalize your beach tote by adding sparkly starfish or simple shells on the outside of each tote. Go wild with glitter and fabric paint if that’s your style. In order to save money, look for items that you can buy in bulk, so that you can get a discount. And think outside the box. A mini beach hat can be a good substitute for mini beach tote. Just make sure to pack your wedding favors with cute items that you love.


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As you can see, with a bit of creativity, you can have beach wedding favors that your family and friends can talk about for years to come.

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