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Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Exotic tropical flowers make great beach wedding centerpieces, but you can embrace the whole beach theme by using sand, ocean and seashells.

For example, get a bowl, fill it with some sand and seashells, add a candle in the center and viola, you have a centerpiece that’s not only elegant but weaves in the ocean elements in a subtle way.

But if you insist on having flowers, float tropical flowers into the bowl half filled with water that is dyed with a drop of blue food coloring to create that ocean blue look.

For a more nautical look, have vintage lanterns with the glass tinted in a your wedding color. Just tuck a candle inside the base and bask in its beckoning glow.

Need a more unique touch, how about tropical fruit centerpieces.

Don’t forget to include toothpicks so your guests hands don’t get all sticky!

Watch the video below and get inspired!!!!

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